Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
Treatment Competencies

Below are links to ten training modules featuring individual recovery stories. Please select the desired option by clicking on the underlined links.


Dual Assessment (1st module)

Link to Carmelita's story

Stages of Treatment (2nd module)

Link to Stages of Treatment (Corey, Tanya, Jane and Mark's story)

Engagement (3rd module)

Link to Sheryl's story

Treatment Planning (4th module)

Link to Ferdinand's story

Motivational Counseling (5th module)

Link to Motivational Counseling (Kevin's story)

Substance Abuse Counseling for Persons with Mental Illness (6th module)

Link to Susan's story

Group Treatment for Dual Disorders (7th module)

Link to Dual Disorders (Vicky's story)

Relapse Prevention (8th module)

Relapse Prevention (Mark's story)

Self-help (9th module)

Link to Self-help (Joanne's story)

Family Treatment (10th module)

Family Treatment (Jack's story)